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Turning Wood to Water

Turning Wood to Water


Recherché Furnishings, Inc. is a family owned business in North Texas operated by Cliff and Jan Hand. The name Recherché is French and means elegant, extravagant, one-of-a-kind which perfect describes our home furnishings. Started in 2010 as a custom wood furniture manufacturer specializing in the traditional joinery and hand craftsmanship of the last century, it has now moved into an unique line of rustic home decor. Cliff, who worked in the advertising and design industry for over 25 years, is the lead creative force and artisan, combining both functionality and art into each piece he designs. Jan, a former healthcare executive, runs the day-to-day operations of the business.

In 2014, a friend of Cliff's borrowed a nail gun to fix his fence. Upon returning the nail gun, he gave Cliff the old fence pickets. He built a rustic picture frame out of the old wood using the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail as he does for his fine home furnishings; hence, “The Naturals Reclaimed Frames" line was born. Staying true to the reclaimed/recycling theme, each frame backing is made from recycled cardboard and can drink tabs are used for the wall hangers. To date thousands of frames have been sold keeping thousands of pounds of wood, cardboard, and drink tabs out of our landfills. Throughout 2015, more and more people across the US have mailed in soda tabs, saved old cardboard, and called in when their fence has blown down due to a storm. Our wood collection team is very busy retrieving old wood for new products and there is no end in sight. By the end of 2015, Recherché had collected over 300,000 pounds of old wood, over 75,000 soda tabs, and 40,000 pounds of used cardboard. The collection of old wood, soda can tabs, and old cardboard will continue as long as Americans continue to demand Green Products and to continue to strive to make America a better and cleaner place each and every day. For their efforts, Recherché was awarded the 2015 Keep Texas Beautiful Business of the Year and was a finalist for Keep America Beautiful for promoting environmentally sound practices and their Green Products.

Most importantly, the Hand Family believes in serving others by giving back to those in need and has done so through their "Turning Wood To Water” Campaign. Through this campaign, 10% of all reclaimed wood product sales are donated to a charitable organization, Lake Pointe Church, to drill water-wells in African communities. Regardless of where in America someone lives, when they purchase these products, they are donating 10% to help needy people with clean water on the other side of the world.

Throughout 2015, Recherché expanded the reclaimed wood product line to include Rustic Reclaimed Flags, Angels, and Birdhouse Key Holders with the introduction of rustic cut metal into the home decor line. In 2016, the line of reclaimed products has expanded into an entire new line of rustic home décor. Enjoy. Made in America.