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Shipping Policy:

Preferred Carriers

The customer will pay for all shipping costs. Recherché Furnishings™ will choose the most cost effective way to ship your merchandise. If you do not specify a carrier on your order, we will select a carrier for you from our preferred carrier list. In-home delivery service is always an option at additional charge.

Shipping Damages:

Each shipment should be inspected immediately upon receipt. DO NOT ACCEPT the shipment without recording ANY damages on the freight bill from the carrier, including damaged packaging materials. Shipping damages are the responsibility of the carrier and not Recherché Furnishings™. The customer is responsible for filing any freight claims. If you find concealed or evident shipping or handling damage, DO NOT DISCARD the boxes or the packaging materials. CONTACT THE CARRIER IMMEDIATELY to report damages and file a freight claim. Report any damages directly to Recherché Furnishings™ for further assistance.

Returns, Replacements and Chargebacks:

No merchandise will be returned without written authorization by Recherché Furnishings™.

  • All issues and complaints will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • If a return is authorized, you must return the merchandise within 30 days of delivery.
  • No customized or personalized products can be returned.
  • A 25% Restocking Fee will be charged to all returns due to buyer's remorse.
  • All returns will be refunded, minus any shipping costs and restocking fees, within 60 days of the merchandise being returned in good condition. 
  • If a complaint is not deemed a manufacturing defect by Recherché Furnishings™, return shipping will be at the expense of the customer. Otherwise, Recherché Furnishings™ will cover freight costs due to manufacturing defect.
  • Returned merchandise must be packaged in their original packaging or in a similar manner to prevent further damages in return transit. Shipping cost due to unauthorized return will be charged directly to customer.
  • All chargebacks must be pre-approved by Recherché Furnishings™. Please be prepared to provide photos if needed.
  • No customized products will be returned or replaced unless prior authorization received from Recherché Furnishings™. Additionally, customized pieces, authorized for return or replacement, must demonstrate manufacturing flaws in the materials. Remember dyes, cement, and wood grains can vary from the photos provided on website and other collateral materials.

Warranty Information:


Recherché CliffStone tops are warranted against manufacturing defects for one (1) year from the order date. Wood furnishings and parts are warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one (1) year from the order date. This warranty is valid under normal use and under the conditions for which it was intended. Due to the nature of the wood, joints may shift or move over time. Recherché Furnishings™, at our discretion, will repair or replace items received that have been deemed defective on a case-by-case basis. Any natural aging, wear and tear, misuse, abuse, or discoloration or fading over time is not subject to the one (1) year warranty.

CliffStone, Wood Finish, Dyes and Characteristics

Due to the nature of CliffStone, wood finish, dyes, lumber, knots, nail and worm holes, multiple grain patterns, finish variances and other natural characteristics ARE TO BE EXPECTED and add character to the pieces. CliffStone will continue to cure up to 60 days of being poured. You may see slight variations in color or small cracks, but that will NOT jeopardize the integrity of the table. Due to the unique nature of our finishes, actual wood samples, website photos, and brochure photos WILL VARY SLIGHTLY from the actual finish that is produced. No two pieces should be the same and therefore are all unique.

CliffStone and Wood Maintenance

The CliffStone tabletops have all been protected with EPA and ASTM tested sealers. To protect the surfaces, always use coasters and placemats. Wipe any spills immediately with a dry, clean cloth. Use standard household cleaners for maintenance. Use protective pads under hot dishes. Do not expose wood to extreme changes in humidity. Do not place furniture in direct sunlight or leave exposed for extended periods of time as it may discolor the table surface or fade or crack the wood. Do not cut or use sharp instruments on tabletops or wood. For more information on care, please visit our website or contact us.

Bodily Injury

The CliffStone tabletops are solid and therefore are EXTREMELY HEAVY in nature. Do not lift, move, or carry any furnishings by yourself as you may cause bodily injury to you or those around you. Tables are not designed for standing, sitting, or supporting extreme weight bearing objects and may crack or break under pressure. Recherché Furnishings™ is not responsible for any harm to you, or those around you, or your personal property, due to your negligence. Please be safety conscience.