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Giving Back to the Needy

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Recherché Furnishing, Inc. Giving Back to the Needy at High Point International Market Center

ROWLETT, TX – Recherché Furnishings™, Inc., is a Dallas Fort Worth based furniture manufacturer of fine home furnishings.  All pieces are hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind and can be seen at The Suites at Market Square, 200 West Commerce, High Point, North Carolina, Booth M4039 from October 18 – October 23, 2014.This is Recherché Furnishings’ 4th High Point Market and the most exciting to boot!As part of the Recherché Furnishings mission, we want to give back to those who need a little extra help.Come by the booth to find out, or contact us directly, on how you can help bring much-needed water-wells to the poorest communities on Earth.

Co-owner of Recherché Furnishings, Jan May Hand, traveled to Africa in 2004 and was awed by the people she met and the communities that she lived among.The poverty, disease, and squalor was not a surprise;  what was a surprise was how everyone she met was gracious, hospitable, and humble regardless of their circumstances. The more she tried to help them, the more they tried to serve her in return. Needlesstosay, this was a life-changing experience and she has wanted to do something in return ever since.Today, she has.With your help, you can support much-needed water-wells in African communities every time you purchase a frame from The Naturals Collection™.

Recherché Furnishings has teamed up with a local church and charitable organization to bring clean water to needy families not only for survival, but for agricultural purposes for healthier food sources. Unclean water is a greater threat than any violent conflict in the world.1 On the African continent, 1 in 3 people (330 million) do not have access to clean water.2 As a result each year an estimated 2.2 million children die from waterborne diseases that can be eliminated through clean, accessible water.1

In many urban areas, drinking water comes from common waterways, like drains and ditches that may be combined with the sewage systems.In the rural areas the issue is much worse with 68% of the population spending more than 3 hours per day, typically women and children, collecting contaminated water for drinking, sanitation, and hygiene.3 By providing a clean water-well in the local communities, not only do the waterborne diseases decrease, children will be able to spend more time on education and less on carrying water each day, and most importantly, lives are saved.

In economic terms, for every dollar invested in water and sanitation, a $9 return is yielded.1 You can help today! Purchase the Recherché Reclaimed Natural Frames and see your investment at work in changing people’s lives.The Naturals are all recycled/reclaimed wood, corrugate, hangers, and some are natural dyes/colors. No glass.Choose from 10 colors and 2 sizes.

This is just the beginning……..Thank you for your support!!!!

Built for Life. Your Life.

For photos and product descriptions, visit us at Recherché Furnishings, Inc., www.recherchefurnishings.com or visit us on Facebook at


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